The story of our baskets


Let us take you to Oaxaca, a state in southern Mexico, known for its various native cultures, crafts and of course, for the stunningly beautiful handmade palm baskets.

Behind every basket, there is a dedication and creativity to transform the flexible and strong natural palm fibres, into useful and aesthetic items.

To make one of these amazing baskets, the artisans collect and carefully select the palm leaves, trim them, and boil them. After that, they dry them, dye them, and weave them by hand using colourful traditional patterns, most of which are inspired by daily life and nature.

Basket weaving is a complex skill that only a few artisans in Mexico have mastered. It is part of an exceptional heritage, transmitted from generation to generation.

This results in a high-quality crafting technique that takes a lot of time and is carefully executed with passion and attention to detail. Because of this, every piece is one of a kind, differing from each other in colour, size, or other characteristics, they are truly unique.

You can use these amazing and colourful baskets for storage, as a plant- or flowerpot or just as decoration. They fit every interior and will brighten up your place beautifully.

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