Meet our team





Everything began with a visit to the Museum of Popular Arts (MAP) and a walk at La Ciudadela, in Mexico City, where you can appreciate the exhibitions of the artisans’ masterpieces. While having a conversation about culture, suddenly, the thought came: “We have to share this with the world! We have to bring it to Belgium and the rest of the EU”. And the project was afoot.

Roberto is a Mexican entrepreneur and passionate about multiculturalism. Etnia is the merge of both. His desire to share cultures and being open to them, has been a strong driver in this journey.

He has expert knowledge and understanding of Mexico and its culture. This plays a crucial role in bringing you directly from the artisans each piece without intermediation, fair conditions, and ensuring uniqueness and authenticity in our offer.

Roberto started up the Etnia Project, and together with the rest of the team, made it a reality. With your support, we will make it grow.






Kim is an expert in marketing and communication. That's why she is in charge of those two areas plus graphic design, and social media at Etnia.

She loves interior design and has an excellent eye for aesthetics, always on the look of how to harmoniously fit unique products in spaces to make them more enjoyable and cosier.

Kim is an exceptional photographer, and she is behind all the marvellous pictures you see on our site and social media.

She is essential to our operations and presence in the markets in which we participate. Thanks to her input, Etnia is set for success.

With her distinctive warmth and kindness, she is also part of the club of those who love cultures, colours, and inclusiveness.






Gina is second to none when it comes to culture and networking. She is based in Mexico and together with Roberto, is responsible for finding and obtaining the unique and amazing items you see in our store.

She has the huge responsibility of overseeing our processes there, like the gorgeous cushions that we make. She is the primary contact with our artisans, as she herself is also part of some social collective bodies of artisans.

Gina has a lot of energy and is always busy with projects, so it is not a surprise that she also runs an editorial, where she publishes about culture, travelling, gastronomy, interviews with artisans, among others.

We are so lucky to have her in our team!



our-amazing-artisans.jpgOur Artisans


They are the very reason why we are here.

Without their skills, techniques, creativity, dedication, and expertise, it would not be possible to offer you such amazing and unique items. With all the passion they put into it, they print part of their soul in every piece they create.

So, we want to invite you to appreciate and enjoy it, as it is really made with love, for you.