Our philosophy

Through Etnia, we want to share our love for handmade home decoration, jewellery, and accessories with a modern and cosy touch.

Our focus is on slowly made items using natural and sustainable materials. With us, you will not find mechanical mass production, but unique items crafted by a warm hand.

Each piece is carefully handmade by local artisans in Mexico, with exceptional techniques passed through generations, taking you on a journey of colours and traditions.

We source our products directly from the artisans, so, with every purchase, you support these amazing and creative communities and help keep traditions alive.

We also believe that sharing cultures and diversity makes our lives more joyful and bring us together as humans.

We want to contribute positively to the planet, that’s why we just source and promote products made of natural and sustainable materials, for example, palm, wood, cotton, clay, silver. You will not see plastic, not even in our packing.

We hope you will enjoy our products and the stories behind them and cherish them with as much love as they were made for you.

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